Getting Started

How soon can you start the work?

Your Online Assistant will contact you and start the work within one business day from the time you signed the contract.

Can I cancel anytime? Is there any contract?

No. You will sign a 12 months contract valid for the same period of time.

I just signed. What’s next?

Based on your requirements, please give us one business day for the set up. Once you are assigned a team member of your Online Assistant services, we will email you. Your Online Assistant will start the work within one business day from the time you signed the contract.

Do you have a set up fee?

We charge a set up fee for the dedicated line option ONLY.

Will I be assigned a dedicated assistant?

Of course. You will get an experienced dedicated Online Assistant with back up. Your dedicated Online Assistant will be available Monday-Friday between 9 AM – 5 PM. You can phone/video call/chat with your virtual assistant anytime during the business hours.

Will my Online Assistant be able to assist all my customers?

Yes, our Online Assistants are Creole, French and English speakers.

Online Assistants

Where will my Online Assistant be located?

Your Online Assistant will be located in Mauritius itself.

How many years of experience will my Online Assistant have?

All our Online Assistants have been helping entrepreneurs, business owners, real estate agents and executives for at least 5 years.


Will my Online Assistant attend business/personal phone calls on my behalf?

Yes, your Online Assistant will attend all your phone calls on your behalf.

Can I do a weekly meeting with my Online assistant?

Yes, you can do a weekly or even daily video meeting with your Online Assistant like you do with your in-house employee.

Can my Online Assistant make outbound phone/sales calls for me?

Absolutely. All our Online Assistants are trained and experienced sales people too. They are very good at closing deals as well.

Can my Online Assistant handle scheduling?

Of course. Your Online Assistant will schedule appointments, coordinate meetings, and manage your Google Calendar or other calendar applications for you. You just have to grant access to your Online Assistant. They will do the rest for you.

What the Online Assistants can't help with?

24/7 Answering Services         

Our Online Assistants are happy to receive, make and return calls, but we don’t operate as a full-time call centre.

Strategic Consulting

Online Assistants can’t act as business consultants or advise on critical company decisions.

Web Development

Simple website changes are fine – just not a coding overhaul!

Graphic Design

Our Online Assistants can manage a rebrand project or create simple social media graphics – but not create complex designs themselves.

Storing & Sending Goods

But our Online Assistants can arrange the necessary third party services.

No Spams

Our Online Assistants can’t help with cold calling campaigns or sending spam emails.


Do you have any other hidden charges?

We don’t have any other charges than those mentionned in your contract.

What is your refund policy?

We allocate resources for the hours set. It works the same as in-house employees. Whether you give him work or not, he will still get paid until you release him as he allocates time for you. Therefore, since you signed for a 12 months agreement and pay in arrears, only deposit will be refunded automatically within 4-5 business days after termination of your agreement as per our business policy.